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Baby Photography Tips

Step 1:Click away

  • Taking baby’s photos are a little bit tougher than normal. So, keeping on shooting the camera will be better than waiting for a perfect one. They may be of different moods; tears and tantrums can be expected. While taking photos make sure of getting sufficient light. Choosing an ISO of 100-400 and use a wide aperture for a shallow DOF (depth of field). Continuous shooting mode of capturing 4-5 photos in a couple of seconds will give good results.

Step 2:Check the lighting

  • For taking the best baby shots, it will be better to take during the daytime when it is sufficient for light. Using the window light will be a better option than placing the baby under the sunlight outside. This is to avoid the harsh sun which may cause unhealthy to baby and may create shadows. Here, a standard lens of 50mm is ideal for this kind of image. Selecting a high ISO and a wide aperture, turn the mode dial to AV mode, and letting the camera choose the correct shutter speed will give you a good one. External flash used to fill dark spots.

Step 3:Smile for me baby

  • Getting a good reaction or a pose of a baby during photography is a difficult task. You may have to make funny faces, play hide and seek from behind a piece of cloth, or making goofy clucking noises to make them attract towards you and giving up a good pose. Using a fast shutter speed of 1/500s or more and wide aperture to work faster and capture the moment

Step 4:Simple Backgrounds(Like This)

  • Simple baby shots are the best than with bright backgrounds. Photos of professional touch can be made by using some white, grey, or beige cloth and lay it over two chairs. Placing the cloth near a large window with the baby on it with some toys. This creates a perfect shot. Turn the mode dial to AV(Aperture Priority) mode and select the desired aperture. Spot meter on the baby’s face and focus on the baby’s eyes

Step 5:Make it memorable

  • Capturing a memorable picture the baby should be either engaged in an activity or with family, friends. Capture unexpected shots playing with siblings, interacting as friends, and let the children do what they do, don’t force. Taking photos from the background will be better. Natural light is used over here. Using the auto settings and make sure to get a sharp image, and let the camera choose flash if necessary.

Step 6:Be Adventurous

  • Black and white images are classic and are perfect baby photography. For getting a soft and blurred background the mode dial to AV mode is turned and selecting a large aperture. Use the spot metering mode and meter on the baby’s face. Black and white backgrounds will be most striking and give a dramatic effect.

S Recommended settings:

We should work quickly and without hesitating while working with babies. It should be fast shutter speed and high iso nothing worse than capturing a great moment that is blurry because the shutter speed is too slow.

E Recommended Equipment:

A good camera (50mml) lens faster shutter speed sharper shots
(1.4_1.5f) , beanbag rather than a tripod getting down to baby level is a necessary element that is to ground silver or white reflector is great.

C Conclusion:

  • Babies offer excellent opportunities to create beautiful moments in photography which an easy subject to be friendly with babies don’t forget to have helping hands. Always think on your feet and shoot more images than you think you need you should be open and friendly then only the perfect baby snaps are enough and good.

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