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Photography Tips and Tricks

Focus on the eye

  • When you take a photo of a person the focus point of the camera should always be on eye

Always be ready

  • A photographer Should Always be Ready to take a photo because it is impossible to say When a good context will be Created So a photographer Should always Have Two batteries in his hand


  • ISO is a Sensor that Controls the amount of light that is transmitted inside the camera. Its main use is to reduce the brightness in bright places and increase the brightness in dark places.


  • The surface of the camera through which light passes is called the aperture. Aperture point is considered F-number in most cameras. As the F points decrease, the aperture hole becomes larger and the amount of light coming into the camera increases. Naturally, the light of the photo you took will also increase. If the F points increase, the aperture hole becomes smaller the amount of light coming into the camera decrease. Naturally, the light of the photo you took will decrease.

shutter speed

  • Shutter speed is a measurement of the time the shutter is open. Shutter speed provides two main functions. The first use can control the brightness of the photo, The other function is to take a frozen photo of the moving subjects

Use the Rule of Thirds

  • Divide the subject and its the background we intend to photograph into 9, with two horizontal and vertical lines. The main focus of the subject should always be within the 4 points you get in the middle of it.

Avoid camera shake

  • First, you must need to learn how to hold your camera correctly., use both hands, one around the body and one around the lens and hold the camera close to your body for support. Maybe if your camera’s shutter speed is below the limit even the slightest movement of the camera can significantly affect your photo blurry. Be sure to place your camera on a tripod if your camera’s shutter speed is low.
Don’t use flash indoors
  • if you are take in door photos with flash it can look harsh and unnatural. The best way to take in door photos with out using flash is to adjust the ISO,shutter speed and aperture
Use a wide-Angle Lens
  • When taking a photo over a wide area with a wild angel lens, the frame of the photo will be correct
Straighten and crop when editing
  • When you take a photo you should always be careful to adjust the position of the photo through the camera viewfinder or on the LCD screen. If this is not the case then maybe your photo needs to be edited later
Use simple backgrounds(Free Simple Backgrounds)
  • The background of a photo is one of the most important things a photographer should consider when taking a photo. the background should always be clean and neat because the background is a part of the main party of a photo
Experiment with shutter speed
  • Never hesitate to take creative photos with shutter speed. With the help of a tripod, you can take motion photos of vehicles traveling on the road {This is just an example} then lower the shutter speed a bit and set the camera tripod slightly to about 1/15 then put it in ISO auto and set the aperture to F-22 and then click on camera then you will get the result
Motion Blur photography
  • Motion blur photography is a photograph that captures the beauty of motion pictures. The shutter speed of the camera must be adjusted to capture Motion blur photography As we all know, a motion blur photography can only be done by lowering the shutter speed of the Camera
Shooting in a new location
  • Select new Backgrounds As we all. know the beauty of a photo is determined by the subject inside the photo and the background behind it. so be sure to always choose a new background especially when we are taking a photo.
Sharp shots without a tripod
  • we may not want to place a tripod on every surface. so we often have to take a sharp short ok? The main thing we need to pay attention to when taking sharp short is that our body should not move even a little.
Bonus tip
  • If you intend to spend thousands on a camera and lens without basic information about it you must think twice. Experience and knowledge of the camera are essential for a good photo.

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