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Child Photography Tips and tricks

Show them in Action

  • Certain events a day who should take out the child. Use a telephoto lens with the capability of zooming
    Turn the barrel of the lens until the child is in the center, choose shallow DOF.

Capture their Innocence

  • Innocence associate with children, a moment of innocent childish fun.
  • You can ask them to think of their funniest jokes etc choose shallow depth.

Shoot Candidly

Children fall Expression and Creativity. Capture everything other pose, use flash indoor .

If you have dim lighting and also to freeze the action.
Be aware of that if you have a lot of white and reflective surfaces.

Create Holiday Portraits

  • Holidays provide many opportunities for creative shots, use flash and shallow depth of field to help them focus on the child’s face.

Take Group Shots

There are special days that you want to capture such as the first
School trips use flash
To freeze motion takes more than
3 shots.

How you’ve Grown

Children grow quickly
Capture their photo is a needed element.

Zoom a choose shallow depth of field so other children are blurred out (f/4) or lower and don’t be afraid to use a quick burst flash to keep the face well lit.

  • Recommended settings:
Working with children means being on your feet and a fast, reasonable amount of light than use a shutter speed of 1/250 to freeze action, so use an aperture of p/5 or lower if the lighting conditions permit it.
  • Recommended Equipment:
Use flash freeze action either the on-camera flash or a separate one for more power.
A separate dedicated flash is useful if your subject is further away or you are photographing a group of kids A monopod can be useful.
  • Conclusion :
Children are great fun to work with. Be friendly and build up a report and don’t force children to smile, the background including hair dress everything should be tip-top.

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