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Family Photography Tips

Position Pleasingly

Creativity should be maintained in placing people in a family
This will depend on the number of people you are dealing with and how much space you have.
Get everyone on the ground holding hands
Use a standard or wide-angle lens from 17mm to 50mm.
Focus on the center of the image using a medium DOF f/9 to f/16.

Group Them Together

If you are dealing with large a large family get people to stand together in groups.
Tall younger people at the back older people at the center and children at the front.
Keep the taller people at the end of the photograph

Express Relationships

An idea to show emotion and closeness in the family portraits is to let the subjects hold and hug each other can use generational differences obvious
Take this kind of shot with natural light and fast shutter speeds.

Dress Right

Try getting everyone to wear shades of the same color or the same type of clothes for an interesting effect. Try mixing and matching for a more varied effect
Try to avoid the overly harsh look of reds.

Use the Entire Frame

Close-ups are a great way to convey emotion. Take two people who are close it can be a wife or husband, siblings, or a parent and child, and get them to talk to each other as closely as possible.
Use a macro or standard lens and crop closely.
Use flash to freeze the moment.

Use Acute Angles

Experiment with angles. A great technique to try is to get on the ground and look up with your subjects standing over you.
Use flash to light up the subject’s faces. Let the subjects to tip their head down.

Recommended settings:

Family portraits flash if necessary and of reasonable shutter speed or at least 1/25 use deeper depth if 3 people or less use a shallow depth of field.

Recommended equipment

In family shot people need to be more perfect use lenses with wide-angle use tripods separate flashes various reflector etc.


Be creative when it comes to family portraits .today modern image is taken outdoor with natural lights and with natural poses .dodon’t overdress your family etc. it wants to realistic and beautiful with all element.

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