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Pet Photography Tips

Catch your pet’s character

Photographing pets gets deeper in meaning when you capture their character.
To capture a pet’s character you can ask yourself what is unique about your pet.

Freeze the Action
  • Photographing your pet at play is a great way to capture someone’s interest.
  • Set focus mode on continuous focusing, so that you can constantly maintain the focus Use multiple continuous shooting.
Aim for the Eyes
  • Use a standard lens (50mm) or a zoom lens that covers 28-70mm lengths.
  • An uncluttered background with neutral colors.
Include People
  • A good simple portrait uses outdoor lighting to avoid flash. A shallow DOF keeps things in the center of the frame sharp
  • So make sure you have focus.
Get on their Level
  • Get floor at the same level
  • Lying the ground usually prevents the wage of the tripod
  • For blurred background, effect choose DOF (f/2.8-f/8) and shutter speed since pet can faster.
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