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Teen Photography Tips

Be Tactful

Whatever personality of the teenager need to approach them
Who need to ice them with a comfortable conversation.
This means that you must be overly prepared and read to catch anything as spontaneously as it covers.

Treat them like Adults

Teenagers are in the transition period between adulthood and childhood
You want to talk about ideas, topic conversation
This will earn you their respect and mutual respect effective communication is great for your work.

Use simple backgrounds

Teenagers are usually unblemished by the complexities of the world.
So you’re better off shooting them unadorned in a simple setting.
The background is fairly neutral, this won’t seem like a formal photoshoot.

Natural is the best

Part of what makes teenagers interesting subject are their natural actions, behavior.
You want to encourage them to be themselves and not worry about the camera or your candid photos.
You certainly don’t want to be fiddling around.

Make it memorable

Teenagers love to be with their friends so why not go out and
Photograph them together having fun, like an indoor birthday party, etc.

Dressed to click

The teenage years often express individual styles that reflect a teen’s changing personality like clothing, color, design, etc.
A telephoto lens 200-300 mm is ideal for this kind of image
Turn the mode and select a wide aperture to a blurred background.

Recommended settings:

Choose reasonable shutter speeds of 1/125s and faster depending on the amount of available light and what your aperture setting.
Use flash if needed, if need to be and feel as natural as possible keep depth of field shallow so that the emphasis can be placed.

Recommended Equipment:

Have a selection of lenses, a standard 50mm lens is ideal, though the average standard zoom lens of around 28-70mm also covers this.
A telephoto is useful as you can take photographs from distance without making the teenager self-conscious
Extra light is necessary for the shoot because highly staged photos are not good.


Everyone wants to be treated with respect and no one more so than teenagers as they see and feel themselves becoming adults.
They keep to effectively working with and photographing teens is to show them respect affable and enjoyable lines of communication.

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